About MES

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) – respond in real time

For companies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, they must deploy measures and solutions that respond to market changes both quickly and correctly and help adopt production processes – in real-time. A critical tool to achieve this is an efficient manufacturing execution system (MES) that supports timely execution

PBS has already successfully implemented several MES projects including:

  • Material Flow, Weighing & Dispensing for a Large Volume Injection Workshop
    Material Flow, Weighing & Dispensing for a Freeze Drying Process
    Material Flow, Weighing & Dispensing for a Thymopentin Process
    Warehouse Management System

A key success factor for a successful MES system is understanding the customer requirement (Business, and Regulatory requirements). In all the above projects, PBS experienced consultants have worked very closely with the customer (Production, Engineering and Quality teams) to define the system requirement and assist in preparation of User Requirement Specification.

For all the above projects PBS MES team has provided turnkey solutions based on the Siemens XFP-MES system, which include preparing specification (URS, FS, SDS, SMS), supply of hardware (Servers and network equipment), software (XFP-MES), Coding and Implementation, Testing and validation (FAT, IQ, OQ, PQ) and to Go Live.

PBS Validation team which specializes on GAMP5 works very closely with the customers validation and Quality team to ensure every MES system meet the regulatory requirement (US FDA, EMA, NMPA, PIC/S, WHO, etc)

Proper training is essential to ensuring our customer’s employees will understand how their solution is designed to work and why. Training include standard training programs and customised training on customer specific application.


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